PHP-Quick-Arcade is no longer being developed any further beyond security patches.

The download is still provided for those still using the software.

We cannot and will not provide any support for it otherwise.

Thanks for your understanding and for all the great years!
» Games for PHP-Quick-Arcade

PHP-Quick-Arcade supports many more games than the default amount. The entire library of "IbProArcade" games are available to add to PHP-Quick-Arcade v3 with full highscore submission formatting. To be clear; these games are 3rd Party. There are thousands of games, but use them at your own risk. PHP-Quick-Arcade is not supported at any of the below sites, nor is PHP-Quick-Arcade supported by or associated with IbProArcade). These sites will provide you with games in .tar file format, which you will be able to upload to add to your arcade. For more information on HOW to add games, Click here.

» Sites
Description: A ton of games here and a cool layout. When you sign up, you need to get yourself 'confirmed' to download games; so remember to follow the directions for that.

Forum Flash Gamers
Description: 1 game a day.

Description: 40 games a day.
Description: 40 games a day.

Arcade V
Description: Many games, hotlinkable.