PHP-Quick-Arcade is no longer being developed any further beyond security patches.

The download is still provided for those still using the software.

We cannot and will not provide any support for it otherwise.

Thanks for your understanding and for all the great years!
» Welcome!

Welcome to PHP-Quick-Arcade (PHPQA) script official website. Have you ever wanted to run your own flash game arcade site for free? Well now you can, with PHP-Quick-Arcade. An arcade is a fun any addition to any entertainment site, and caters to all age groups. Young or old, playing games is something that never dies, and it's addicting.

» High scores & Tournaments

When you install or use PHPQA, your site members aren't just playing games like any regular games website - they're competing against eachother. The highscore system logs all users' scores to a scoreboard. This keeps people coming back to check the arcade again, and again, and again to stay on top of their game and be the champion on the overall leaderboard system. Users can also compete against eachother via a tournament of a game. And up to 8 players can be part of a tournament session!

» Easy to get

It's easy to get a PHP-Quick-Arcade up and running. Just download, upload, and install. It's that simple. Put it anywhere you want, on your forum, myspace, personal website, or even just use it as the main attraction.